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Epic Road Trip 2017

Epic Road Trip 2017


Many of you know I spent most of the month of August on the road and returned to NC in early September. Here are the stats for this year’s epic road trip:

  • 30 days;
  • 7,527 miles;
  • 19 states;
  • 4 mini-disasters
    • key stuck in camper door, had to be drilled out before even getting out of NC;
    • crazy-ass hailstorm in Wyoming (no joke – check out the Wyoming Hail Storm Video);
    • driver’s side window busted by a road crew in Utah; and
    • camper tire blowout near Gallup, NM;
  • countless awesome meals;
  • incredible views of this beautiful country;
  • one bear, one snake, one swarm of dragonflies, one deer using the toilet right in front of me (yes she did squat to pee when I took a picture from about 20 feet away), and countless bugs – many of them made it back to NC on the camper and the Tahoe;
  • many new friends from around the globe – and some of their homes are now on my bucket list of places to visit (starting with Lanzarote, Canary Islands);
  • one Clarity Breathwork training, Levels 1-4 (I am now a Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and am taking clients – more on that in a later post, or e-mail me for details);
  • renewed sense of purpose and excitement for this Earth walk;
  • tons of gratitude; and
  • priceless memories.

The camper has a few bumps and bruises, as does the Tahoe…but what does one expect after 7,500+ miles across the country and back? I’m pretty proud of BAT (my big-ass Tahoe) and the Surveyor.


That was a whirlwind. But you know what? It’s good to be home…for now.

Next year? Maybe summer in New England…