serene tree with water
“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, and the last stream
poisoned will we realize we cannot eat money.” Cree Indian Proverb

What does sustainability mean to you? For me, sustainability is the process of maintaining environmental, economic, and social growth and change in a harmonious, balanced way that protects the Earth and her resources for current and future generations.

The decisions we make every day – even the seemingly insignificant ones – have an enormous impact on the planet. The way most of us are living today is not sustainable. 

  • We are a throw-away society, and the amount of waste we produce is staggering.
  • Current systems of animal agriculture are not sustainable.
  • Our oceans are dying.

I write about sustainability issues in a variety of contexts. I have hope that our current trajectory is not “final.” It can – and in fact must – change. Together, we CAN make a difference and move toward a sustainable future for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.