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Everyday Essentials: DIY Razor Relief Potion

Summer is still in full swing, and that means a lot of things – including sun, sand, surf, swimwear…and SHAVING. It’s no fun, but we have to do it (or risk being ridiculed at the beach, lol). Razors may be inevitable, but razor burn is not. This easy Razor Relief Potion will soothe even the most sensitive skin and make razor burn a thing of the past.

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Everyday Essentials: DIY Body Scrub

Making your own body scrub at home with quality essential oils is easy as pie…easier, really. (I’m SO not a baker.) Just three simple ingredients + an airtight container, and voila! Simple sugar scrub. Here’s a tip, though – using a scrub like this this can make the tub or shower especially slippery. Take Sheldon’s advice and don’t break a leg – or dislocate a shoulder – due to lack of adhesive ducks.

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Everyday Essentials: My Favorite Perfume Oils

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? As such, it’s important to consider what you put ON your body, as well as what you put IN it. I’m not a fan of commercial perfumes – in part because they often get their scents from synthetic ingredients rather than natural ones. And the scents are so strong – overwhelming to the olfactory system! (Think about it…do you really want to put that chemical shitstorm on your skin?) I prefer soft scents and natural ingredients, so I use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils + unscented lotion instead of perfume. Here are a few of my favorites:

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