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Five Ways to Use Basil Essential Oil

Did you know that the essential oils of common kitchen herbs are 50-70 percent more concentrated than the raw herbs? I recently received a bottle of basil essential oil in my monthly order, and it is AMAZING! Most of us have used basil, an aromatic annual herb of the mint family, in our cooking, but the oil from this plant can be used for more than just a great red sauce. Read on for five ways to use this remarkable essential oil.

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Ten Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil

As my essential oils mentor said, lavender is the “Swiss army knife” of essential oils. If you’re interested in implementing essential oils in your daily health and wellness routine, lavender is a good place to start. Read on for 10 of the many uses of lavender essential oil!

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Five Powerful Morning Rituals

Let me be honest: I am NOT a morning person. I can’t stand using an alarm clock – and with or without one, I do not wake up chipper. I’m slow to rise, and slow to get my bearings in the morning. Over the past few years, I’ve developed a few morning rituals that help me get in gear to face the day.

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